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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Thanks BB, I need a spindle sander if I'm going to continue to do this much longer. Not sure about cutting and grinding my own steel yet?? I think I need several projects before I try that. I'd like to get my initials stamped into the blades or acid etchings and that will be on the agenda as budget allows. Maybe Yoda the grand teacher will school us on acid etchings and or stamping blades, especially who tools custom head stamps I have been told adding the maker's initials adds value if you want to sell something. I don't know just thinking out loud.
I use one of these.

They work great in a drill press on high speed. Drum Sander Mandrels.

I can make a post tonight on marking blades. There are a few options.

Your eye for combining handle materials is really good. Bone with dark wood looks very nice. I think you should try it.
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