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TLF, I'm not sure what the military had in the 50's but it doesn't look like a military type set-up to me. I need to do some history review on the Weaver scope line from that period. The scope has three hairs per side and top to bottom, then a square in the middle with cross hairs centered. There are contrasting hair thicknesses all around. It may have been something to appreciate back then but to me way to busy, as I don't see the reason for so many lines. I will re-scope the rifle with better glass, modern rings and scope adjustments. The rifle deserves quality glass but my budget has been blown out of the water big time and 2012 purchases have officially been curtailed so maybe I'll rob something off one of the other rifles for now Thanks for all the comments everyone. I wasn't in the market to buy anything but then Easter Sunday the offer was made and you know me couldn't resist. The seller is in his 80's and thinning out his remaining collection. He has a few more things to sell off hopefully in 2013, 2014........
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