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Well the buyer finally paid,,, this morning. About 3 and 3/4 days later after winning the auction. Why do people have to be jerks about things? I'll admit, I can fire things right back when you're being an a-hole to me. (my wife told me last night that I should've never messaged the guy and just waited patiently for the payment)... and like always, she's right. I'm naturally impatient. I get it from my father who is the KING of impatience still to this day! I've gotten better over the years, but still it comes out. I was hoping to get the money on this auction and turn it around to buy something else, but that wasn't the case,,, had to wait almost 4 days.
I just think it's crappy how some people treat others. Was my initial message to him short and to the point? Yes. Did I tell him what I would do if he didn't pay? Yes. What's wrong with that? This guy took it as a threat that he had better pay or I was going to report him to the police or something... at least that's how he reacted.

Like many of you, I have had very good luck with Ebay in the past as well. ALL the things I sell have been paid for in less than 24 hours after I sold them. PLUS, when I bought something, I ALWAYS paid within 24 hours and if I didn't, I would message the seller and give them a legit reason why I could not pay till tomorrow or the next day, whatever the case may be.

Sorry for getting worked up on here... just ticks me off that this guy would "assume" I knew he was on Easter vacation and that he couldn't pay right then...
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