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Has anyone ever sold anything on ebay then had a buyer not pay you? I'm dealing with a "gem" of a jerk right now. Long story short, I sent him an invoice on Monday night (last night) after he won an auction of mine on SATURDAY night and still hadn't paid. I told him I would appreciate prompt payment and that if I didn't receive my money by 2pm today I'd report him to ebay. Well it's 3pm now and still no payment. He messaged me twice saying he didn't appreciate my messages and that he was going to "give me the feedback that I deserved to get". He also mentioned that as a seller I could NOT leave feedback on him... I believe this is wrong. Anyways, he said this "I was gone on Easter vacation and could not get to a computer!" like he was yelling it at me. I informed him that I did not know him from Adam and that for all I knew he was going to be a no-payer.

Sure wish there was a way to delete his "win" on my auction and run the auction again.

Is there away to "BLOCK" someone from ever bidding on your stuff again? That's the real question I want answered!

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