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The betterspreader was designed so that the unit does not need to be disengaged for transport whether loaded or empty. Once you arrive at the plot you simply open the drop gate to the desired setting and commence spreading. Also, I agree that an implement of this type should be multifunctional which is why we designed it with the ability to drop fertilizer accurately. We also chose stainless steel material as an added value to provide the purchaser with an implement that will provide a lifetime of service.Fiberglass and powdercoated steel are not ideal materials to provide lasting performance when dealing with abbrasive and corrosive materials such as lime and fertilizer.Please take a look at our web site The Better Spreader and feel free to e-mail me with questions or comments. I would greatly enjoy the opportunity totell you why we believe our product is the best value available!
Scott Lons (Owner thebetterspreader)
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