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Change of hart

well Tator will be happy about this. i have changed my mind about not voting for Romney if he wins the GOP nomination. Not only have i changed my mind, but useing the same logic that changed my mind, i was able to, in a matter of mints change the mind of a co worker of mine who was not planning on voting in the general election ether. and his reasoning for not wanting to vote (before our discussion) was the same reasoning i was arguing in the last thread. So im gona lay it all out there so you all can use this logic to change the minds of hard headed, hard core right wingers like me who were not planning on voting for Romney if he gets the nomination.

1. the next POTUS will get to nominate 2 or 3 of the next supream court justices. Wile Romney's picks would likely be much more "moderate" than we would like, we have already seen that obama will seek out the most liberal people he can find. (just look at the 2 he has already picked) and those 2 to 3 extreme leftist, combined with the 2 he has already picked could completely unbalance the supreme court, to favor leftism and anti constitution. the damage that a left controlled supreme court could do to our country would be much worse than any POTUS could ever even dream of doing. Pluss that damage would be much longer lasting, and harder to un do than what the POTUS could do.

2. Us hard right wingers, at this point in the conversation will likely call Romney a RINO, and point out his record as the Governor of Mass. to wich you can point out that, the best POTUS we have had in resent history (meaning last 100 years or so) was at one point in his political career a Democrat. Yes im talking about Ronald Reagan. If it is possible that a democrat could "see the light" and become the great conservative POTUS that Reagan became, then it is quite possible that a RINO like Romney could have seen the light. (espeshaly sense he has gotten to see the extreme failures of the liberal agenda wile obama has been in office). Do i think this is the case with Romney? probably not. but what if it is? wouldn't you love to see another POTUS like Reagan?

3. ( this part played a big role with me, but may not help with everyone) i Dont know if any of you guys know who Bill Whittle is. If you dont, YOUTUBE him. he is in my opinion one of, if not the best conservative speakers/commentators on the internet. i can just about bet if you watch one if his vids, you will end up watching as many of them as you have time to watch. any way, in one of his vids he makes some great points about why even though he is not nearly as conservative as we would like, why we need to stand with Romney if he wins the GOP nomination.

4. And i know im gona get some geaf about this one. Ted Nugent's endorsement of Romney. celebrity endorsements usually dont have any effect on me, but Ted's does, and hear is why. My and many others like me's biggest fear of Romney is that he has not been very pro second amendment. Now Ted is probably one of the most outspoken Pro 2 A supporters out there. Ted had a long talk with Romney before announcing his endorsement, and Romney agreed with Ted not to harm the 2A in any way if he were to become the POTUS. if he can convince Ted Nugent that he will not infringe on the 2A, that is good enough to convince me that he will not do so. (pluss i get the fealing that Ted Nugent is not the kind of guy you screw over when it comes to the 2A.)

5. You will run into what people on the internet like to call "Paulbots". these are the guys who beleave so strongly in the "Radical" fidelity to the constitution, that they only want to vote for someone like Ron Paul. both me and the guy at work i convinced to vote for Romney if he wins the GOP nomination would both fit into this category. If you try to discredit this, or make fun of this you will not only, not change our minds, but you will have managed to actually anger us. So hear is how you get us radical constitutionalists to vote Romney over Ron Paul if he decides to run 3rd party, or to go out and vote for Romney even if there were not planning to vote at all, or writing in Ron Paul in if he does not run 3rd party. You need to point out the Amazing achievement that Ron Paul got in the 2012 primary's. i know your probably thinking "what achievement?". The achievement Ron Paul got to make this year, is that he managed to make his "radical" fidelity to the constitution much more main stream. in the 2008 elections he only got a very small percentage of the vote. in 2012 he managed to be in the top 3 in almost every primary. On top of that, he was able to get his message to, and gain the support of the younger voters. (18-30) a demographic that usually votes for liberal democrats. his message of fidelity to the constitution, not only took away a large portion of votes away from the dems, but it will have a lasting effect on how my generation votes in the future. i call that a MAJOR victory. Now that you have pointed out this major victory, you will have gained the respect of this hard to argue with crowed. you can now get them to listen to you on why they need to show up at the voter booths in November even if Ron Paul dose not run. or to vote Romney over Ron Paul if he does run in November. you need to point out that the anti Obama crowed can not be divided in this election, and must show up to vote, or obama will win. you need to point out the disaster that will happen if obama wins re election. and you must point out that in the next elections that because of the major victory Ron Paul got this time around that in the 2016 elections the "libertarian" message will be even more main stream. that, at that point they can stick to there guns about only voting for someone like Ron Paul, and actually have a chance of getting someone like him in the white house. pluss if they fail to do so in the 2016 elections, that the results of that failure will be much less devastating than trying to do so now and failing.

sorry for the long read, but i think if you follow this outlined plan you will be 1000 times more likely to get a hard core right winger like me to line up behind Romney if he wins the GOP nomination.

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