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About fell out my chair . . .

Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
Wow im relay going to out myself on the direction i have taken my gun collection in the last few years.
For Deer: only gun i still have suited for hunting deer. my mossberg 500 12ga. w/ 26" smooth boar for buckshot, 28" rifled slug barrel.

For two legged Varmint: My Stag Arms AR-15 w/ reflex sight, mossberg 500 20ga. w/ 19" barrel and pistol grips, Ruger Super Redhawk .44mag w/ Crimson Trace laser sight grips, My Para USA G.I. Expert 1911 .45acp, and my Taurus .38spc+P snub nose revolver.
I'll have to admit that I about fell out my chair laughing when I read this, but . . . . . if I thought any different about them two legged varmints, then I be lying to any and all of you. Varmints like that just don't deserve any less than what they get . . . . from the smallest 100 grain in my 'arsenal' to the largest . . . somewhere around 230 grains . . . and several varying grains in between.

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