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Go fishing!

With me, fishing is about like the way that I play golf - it's to kill off the afternoon.

When you play infantry golf (from one tree line to the other . . .), I guarantee that can kill an entire afternoon . . . . and that's just the front or back nine, not all 18 holes.

When fishing, I put a weight (no hook) on the end of the line and throw it out into the water. Every once in a while, I'll slowly reel it in and then throw it back out again. No hook means no work. If I by chance to manage to get something on the hook out in the water, then it's work to get it either in the boat or onto the shore. Then it's more work to skin it (if taking home to eat) or it's more work to dislodge the hook (for catch and release). And people wonder why I fish with only a weight on the end of the line . . .

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