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This thread seems to have three main points: the first, being about ridiculous equipment, the second about hunting "expert/professionals," and the third about hunting "farms". I think you guys hit the nail on the head with your responses to all three. My take: although there is lots of gimmicky junk out there whose main purpose is to seperate a hunter from his hard-earned cash, there are lots of gadgets that do have a place in hunting. For example, GPSs are great for safety and can help in quickly returning to that downed animal, etc. Personal locators and hand-held radios, again, are good safety tools in emergencies. Of course, each of us has to decide what we really need, can afford, and how to use this stuff in ethical ways.
As for the guys who make videos, I put them into three categories: the first is the guys who pioneered the idea. People like Gordon Eastman who just wanted to share their experiences during a day when the average hunter couldn't get to the places where hunting adventures took on a whole new level and meaning. The second group are the guys who want to sell something and who promote their products with vidoes that try to convince the rest of us that we really need to buy that product. The third group is made up of guys with big egos who want to prove that they are better hunters than the rest of us. Often these are the hunters (along with the second group) who hunt in game farms or lease large areas that are more-or-less groomed to produce big quality animals.
As for the big game "hunting" farms, I am totally against them. In Montana, several years ago, a strange coalition of hunters, non-hunters and anti-hunters got together (can you believe that?) to support, and pass a law making them illegal in this state.
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