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David Morse is no relation to me. Same last name but don't know him. I do have great times/memories from hunting/fishing trips to PA and Canada with close friends and family over the years. These were low budget trips but I can say they were worth millions in enjoyment and memories. I enjoy the prep work, the mind game, Chess Game as I have termed it, for rutting bucks. If I allowed someone else to do it for me then it isn't hunting anymore it's only shooting and I can do that at the range. There have been years that I had no shots in PA for 9 days of hunting then there are years when there are 5-6 shot oppertunities. There are no 180 class bucks in PA where I hunt, there might be in S. Ohio where I've started hunting with my son. We still do it ourselves and that's what matters most. Hunting guides work their butts off for their clients in open range hunting. Hunting farms are raising cattle deer and whomever wants to pay for that can, not me. There's a giant difference between hunting and farm getting, I'll settle for the hunting part. I don't want someone sitting in my stand telling me that's the buck we've been seeing all summer, he's a nice 8 pt we call him lucky because no one has taken him yet. He comes into the field right at 5:00pm every night like clock work. Don't shoot till I give you the signal. He's a 150 class and there is a premium cost if you take him. Not for me guys!
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