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In the bigger picture what can these deer mean to these guys.If u harvest the 20th buck u see that day,does that mean alot to you.I hunt my own little 25acres that i work hard to maintain,pattern the deer, and hunt hard it means something.I hope Hm chimes in here about some of his Pa hunts hunting all week getting one opportunity and making it happen.Buck or doe thats hunting and thats a REAL TROPHY!These guys wouldnt even wake up the next day after not seeing a deer.I think these shows strictly become killing.David Morse that whole tecomate thing is a millionaires club and thats all it is.It is the furthest thing from hunting there is.If one of you guys shot a 180 id probably drive to see it and these clowns see 5 or 10 in a week.Fred Barta was the only one ive seen hunt like an average guy but im sure they didnt like em because he made fun of all the gadgets.Sorry bout the length.
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