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Originally Posted by rdrader2002 View Post
I have the Winchester Ranger ammo in my XD-40. It's a hollow point that's designed to maximize the mushroom effect on whatever you hit. You hit someone with it, and the bullet will not likely make it out the other side - the 'perfect' home defense round.

Or that's my humble opinion anyway!

BTW - they come in several grain sizes. I use the slightly lighter 165 grain (or was that 155), instead of the full 180 grains. Personal choice, and hope I never have to figure out the difference between the two of them.

Those are the types of rounds that my dad finds don't always make it to the target. It "usually" is enough to discourage the bad guy. However one local cop emptied his .45acp loaded with Winchester Ranger ammo into a bad guy who started shooting at him. None of the bullets entered the bad guy. They all stopped in his heavy winter coat.
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