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Default Winchester Ranger

Originally Posted by WisconsinDeer View Post

Have you ever even used that crap before?? It does not penetrate and it most likely wont even cycle the pistol.

I would opt for something like the Winchester PDX1 or Ranger-T series ammo.
Supreme Elite Self Defense Ammo 40 S&W 180 Grain Bonded PDX1 Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 20
I have the Winchester Ranger ammo in my XD-40. It's a hollow point that's designed to maximize the mushroom effect on whatever you hit. You hit someone with it, and the bullet will not likely make it out the other side - the 'perfect' home defense round.

Or that's my humble opinion anyway!

BTW - they come in several grain sizes. I use the slightly lighter 165 grain (or was that 155), instead of the full 180 grains. Personal choice, and hope I never have to figure out the difference between the two of them.


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