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Originally Posted by WisconsinDeer View Post

Have you ever even used that crap before?? It does not penetrate and it most likely wont even cycle the pistol.

I would opt for something like the Winchester PDX1 or Ranger-T series ammo.
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YES i have Used shot shell. Yes i realize that it does not penetrate much, and each gun id different, it may cycle in brand X but not brand Y. did you even read my post? i did not lay load the whole mag with it. i sead the first few rounds. i even stated why, and the lack of penetration is one of the reasons. your might be able to shoot 2" shot groups at the range, you might think that if awakend to the sounds of someone in your home that you would be wide awake. but you will not be at 100%, you hart will be pounding out of your chest, and your eyes may not be fully focused. having the first round or 2 be shot shell would allow you much more room for error. it would blind, injer and disorientate your would be attacker, and give your the upper hand allowing for more time to be taken to line up your follow up shots.
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