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My Dad always put the first round as shot as well in his home defense gun. Next would be a round nose or two, followed by hollow points. The bird shot would blind, hurt, confuse an intruder and hopefully discourage him from continuing. If it didn't stop the intruder it would at least slow them down and give you more time to aim. The reason for the round nose is penetration. As a police detective, he saw many cases where handgun rounds have stopped in coats, cell phones, and things such as pocket knives. The 40 cal has pretty good penetration, but you would be surprised at how many stories he has of the bullets being well aimed but never making it to the target. My personal self defense gun is a Ruger LCP .380 auto with round nose bullets. It's a great small gun that is easy to carry, but anything with that little amount of power needs all the help it can get in the penetration category. However my home defense gun is a .357 magnum with hollow points.
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