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The thing about MIZZOU is that they are a let down. Don't get me wrong, MIZZOU is my TEAM, I love the football, basketball, softball, baseball, I love all their teams. But with basketball in particular, they are all hype. They can play SO well one game, and then like absolute crap the next. Now, being a coach, I realize this happens when you have an "off" night, but it's like their "off" nights feed off each other and I've never seen that before. When one of them is OFF the whole stinkin' team is OFF. I watched them play a game against K-state earlier this year and I bet they shot and missed over 20 3's. How smart do you have to be to realize that 3's PROBABLY aren't your thing right now? I'm hard on my teams, I know. But seriously, stop the show-boating, stop the cockyness, stop all the other CRAP that makes you think you're big stuff... and PLAY ball the right way.

That's the difference between a MIZZOU and Kentucky or KU. Mizzou is cocky and thinks they can beat anyone. Kentucky and KU are arrogant because they #1- back it up with wins and #2- they KNOW they can beat anyone on any night.

Don't tell my MU friends I just talked positively about KU!

James 1:2-8
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