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i agree, well said HM !! now i have seen this going on over the past few days but didnt want to get into typing on my phone to respond but now im on my home putter.

first, i feel killing any thing there are only two reasons, 1) food, 2) life treating self defiance. my son has wanted to squrail hut for quite some time now and its not my favorite meal but i sure dont mind it from time to time but i kept asking my boy if he was gonna eat it at first he was saying no and i would not take him. i went and killed two myself one fox and one gray and made dinner that night. son ate and said same as me not his favorite but not bad either, but also didnt like it enough to want to go kill one anymore. and if i was to ever catch him killing a regular bird or any animal for the fun of it that would be the end of his hunting in this house.

second, my son as wanted to hunt for a few years now and i would not let him untill he got a hunter safe course (orange card) and was at a age he could properly shoot with an acurate shot with grouping on a target, i would not take him with a poke and hope adatude, and i dont feel any adult should take a youth untill they reach that capability, for my son it was age 12 and i realy dont see how some take 5 and 6 year olds myself i dont see how they would have the knowlage to know background, hold and shoot a gun acuratly or safely and if so small the adult is having to help well is that youth hunting or adult filling a youth tag

third my boy is still very proud of his harvest, and telles everyone how great eating the roast were off of it, and caint wait till next deer season to try and put another one in the freezer.

i realy dont feel like i needed to justify the matter but i also felt i needed to add my two cents of clarifacation on the topic.

would i take him again , of course !!!
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