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Im a chick pro! Joking. Have spent time raising them though. Here are some pics to give you ideas to set your coop up. Just go with dirt floor. Plywood will just rot and need replacing. Plus if give the chickens something to scratch on.

Pic 1 is of the nest boxes from outside the coop. Notice the doors on top. Thats so you can get eggs out without going in the coop. Chicked lay in the darkest areas. So if you nest is to bright just nail some boards or black paper or something up to darken it up inside.

Pic 2 is a of the nest box from the inside. Just throw some hay down. You will notice I added some wood to block a little light. My coop is in the barn so it stays kinda dark in there anyway. I have a board they can jump up on before they climb into the nest box.

Pic 3 is of my roost. The birds will go the highest point they can reach. I made rows out of mine so young birds can just gradually hop up. (notice 1 board fell out) When my birds are old they always roosted on top. they kick the young birds down a board. I just split up some rough cut lumber. You could use 1x1 if you wanted.

Pic 4 here is of some rhode islands reds we just got from one of kids 4h class. Notice the heat lamp. They need that when their little or when they are without a mama hen! Small waterer and chick food and your good to go.

Chickens lay eggs in cycles so to speak. For instance today hen #1 lays at 8 am. Well tomorrow she will lay at 10 am. Next 12 and next day 2pm. Then she will skip a day and start the cycle over again early in the morning. I usually check for eggs in the morning and evening. You will most likely find eggs at both times with 10 hens.

This is my first time on the Reds. I have always had Buff Orpingtons or Black Astralorps. Those are both very nice birds with laid back roosters. My kids use to chase them all the time and they never fought back. 11 birds is a lot. You will start getting eggs in about 6 months or so and you will never eat that many eggs from 10 hens. You will probably average about 7 or 8 a day if the Reds lay as good as the Buff Orps.

If your doing this to save money just go ahead and cancel the order. Its nice having your own fresh eggs though.

Hope this helped. Show me a pic when you get your coop done. Ask any questions as well.
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