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Default raising chickens-- HELP!!

Anyone on here raise chickens? Here's the deal- I got my shed moved across my property this past weekend and I'm going to make 1/2 of the shed into a chicken coop. I also am in the process of making a "pen" for them.

I'm going to be getting Rhode Island Reds- so any specific information on them would be helpful. From what I gather- they are good laying chickens and they taste good when that time comes! lol

What I need to know is what is their daily routine like?
What time of day do they lay their eggs?
What type of floor should I have for the coop? Concrete, gravel, dirt, plywood?
I'm planning on getting about 10 hens and 1 rooster (straight run).

I hear they are excellent at eating bugs from your garden- their coop and pen are RIGHT next to ours.

Also- this may sound dumb- but what's the difference between their nest and roost? I keep hearing people say they need these two things?

I realize some of these questions are dumb- but I've never raised chickens and am looking forward to starting! Thanks all
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