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sence this is the first post on the new page. read my last post on page 1 before reading this one.
Originally Posted by tator View Post
hunt nh... agree with you man, but I believe the ultimate question is this: "DO YOU WANT OBAMA for another 4 years?" If you can honestly say "NO" then you have to vote for Mitt or whoever makes the republican ticket. If you say "YES" then vote away for another 4 years down the crapper. If you say "MAYBE" then you're probably not going to vote at all, thus pretty much giving Obama another vote b/c it'd be one less that the republican party gets. Now, I guess you could always do a write in- but when's the last time a write-in actually HELPED a polictical party, let alone won a presidential election?

I mean no disrespect... All I'm saying is I don't like Romney either- can't stand the guy. But he's a saint compaired to Obama and I DO believe he will make some necessary changes. The main focus of our nation needs to be "GET OBAMA OUT".
Tator im probably going to get myself in alot of hot water over this answer. But i have tons of respect for you, so i will give you a 100% honest answer about what i want. (excluding my above post wich would be my first choice). If mitt romney wins the republican nomination, i can only see it ending one of 3 ways.
1. He picks a strong conservative, as his running mate. say for example Allan West, or Sara Palin. (in wich case i will swallow my pride and vote for mitt). Then Hope and Pray that the VP will lead by example, and that Mitt will help turn this country back around

now the next 2 out comes are going to take some explaining. right now i see our country as being in a "cold war" with its self. the govt is preparing to strike down any rebellion, or revolution. if you do not believe this just look at some of the bills that they have recently passed. ie the in-defendant detainment of US citizens without trial. We the people are also preparing to defend our selfs. if you do not believe this look at the rise in the number of militias in our country, as well as the soaring number of gun sales in the last few years. and yet nether side has struck the first blow, so yes we are in a "cold war". i have watched this vid several times. it is Ronald Reagan talking about the cold war. it will only take about 4 min to watch, but watch it, or dont bother reading any more of this post.
"A Time For Choosing" by Ronald Reagan - YouTube

now for the last two scenarios that i see as possibilities.
2. Mitt Romney picks a RINO like himself as a running mate, and loses to Obama. Obama no longer in fear of having to be re elected attempts to turn us into a socialist state, and attempts to make himself our dictator, and or allow the Muslim brotherhood to take over. he dose so in such blatant disregard to the constitution, that "we the people" rise up and take our country back.

scenario 3. Again Mitt picks a RINO as a running mate and beats Obama. he continues to run our country into the ground, but at a much slower rate. "we the people" sit back and do nothing, because he will not do anything extreme enugh to make revolution justified. the few who do attempt to rise up will not be supported by all ( We the people), and there for will be labeled right wing terrorist. this will be the slow destruction of our country, and there for the worst of the three scenarios i see as an outcome of this election.
now if you watched the vid i posted you will understand this. i would rather be dead than red, and i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Also you will understand why i keep posting the quote:
If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.
Thomas Paine

now that i have written all this. Tator what i want is a Rick Santorum/ Newt Gingrich ticket. if i cant have that i hope and pray that Romney will pick a strong conservative running mate. because if he does not i would rather scenario 2 over scenario 3. Also if this is my last post it means that "big Brother" got a hold of this post, and that i have been in-defiantly detained for exercising my First amendment rights to free speech, as well as my first amendment rights to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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