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Dylan my brother,
This is not about the oil or natural gas or whatever runs in this pipeline, it is about the thousands of REAL jobs that this project would have made. Shovel ready, right now!!! It even shows the unions what the other unions think about them, if we don't get money in our pocket out of it then we don't want the jobs!
So much for union solidarity.Hey FLUSHHHHHHHHH!!!!! oh by the way thats our country going down the crapper, do you feel yourself swirling around and around? This decision does not pass the smell test! Yes we should certainly be aware of the environment but I don't see anyone without gas in their pickup or suv. As long as we demand oil and gas, wells are going to leak, oil will spill in the ocean etc etc. The thinking? behind this decision is that if Bush wanted it then I (the big O) am not for it. Also the whole while Bush was president he was "responsible for the cost of oil going up" So what is good for one president also applies to the other. What has Obama done to better this country since he"s been in office?/?
PS I try not to get in this frame of mind but here I am wasting my breath again!
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