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I think this young lady can rest assured of two things- 1. there will NEVER be another break-in at her house! and 2. that she took two scumbags - who were more than likely going to do harm to her (in some way, shape, or fashion) and then probably continue harming other people - off the face of the planet.

I think we can all agree when it comes to our loved ones, especially kids, that if someone unwanted comes into the house to commit harm or to steal, it is absolutely ok to use deadly force. Being a teacher, we teach our kids at school when an intruder comes in our building and comes near you to throw everything possible at him/her. Imagine, 25 kids in a classroom and you having between 25-100 objects being thrown at you. (this includes textbooks, chairs, book bags, pencils, scissors, etc...)

James 1:2-8
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