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hunt nh... agree with you man, but I believe the ultimate question is this: "DO YOU WANT OBAMA for another 4 years?" If you can honestly say "NO" then you have to vote for Mitt or whoever makes the republican ticket. If you say "YES" then vote away for another 4 years down the crapper. If you say "MAYBE" then you're probably not going to vote at all, thus pretty much giving Obama another vote b/c it'd be one less that the republican party gets. Now, I guess you could always do a write in- but when's the last time a write-in actually HELPED a polictical party, let alone won a presidential election?

I mean no disrespect... All I'm saying is I don't like Romney either- can't stand the guy. But he's a saint compaired to Obama and I DO believe he will make some necessary changes. The main focus of our nation needs to be "GET OBAMA OUT".
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