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I am a biased toward the .270.
It is one flat shooting caliber out to 350+yds. as well as being a good rifle for stalking and close up work. The recoil is very forgiving, less than a 12 GA. in my estimation, and the ammo is as common as a 30.06.
I shoot a 140 gr. bullet, and if shot placement is correct it is a devastating round.
I have made shots from a solid rest up to and beyond 325 yds. and those deer dropped like a sack of hammers.
You do need to practice with the gun and be confident in what it will do. I sight mine in at 1.5 inches high at 100yds. This puts me dead on at 200 yds.
I simply hold an inch or more high of my point of aim at longer distances.
If you will be doing a fair amount of field shooting I strongly endorse the .270.
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