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If I was going out for the first time knowing what I do now. First I would get a decoy set, ( I love my pretty boy pretty girl pair by carry light) go to a field you know the birds are going to (and it would be a good to know where they come in and out of it at, it will always be the same spot give or take about 40 yards.) if hunting a field you need to know how far your gun will reach, ( my gun will reach 60 yards no problem with a 3 1/2" #4 shot heavy load. but I try to get all my birds under 35 yards. So I set my decoys 20 yards into the field and I set up 5 to 10 yards back into the woods. If you have a (hot field) I wouldn't call at all. Even if the toms are (hen'ed up) the hens will graze over to the decoys with toms fallowing. Set your decoys in a pre-breed position, (that's hen decoy setting on the ground and the Tom/jake decoy standing about a foot behind ( I like to set him off to one side alittle more and give him a little of a diagonal turn with him facing the back of the hen. This set up is the hen sitting on the ground means she is ready to breed and is waiting for the male to climb on her back for mating. The Tom decoy that close to the rear looks like he is about to mount for breeding. ( some people like to set their Tom decoy right against the back of the hen as if already breeding) but I get better responce with the real Tom to run in and cut of the pre atemp faster than the breed set. Hunting a field with this set up there is realy no need to make any calls, watching my pet turkeys when they are breeding they make no noise. I could talk turkey all day but I've typed all this with one finger on my phone so I'm stoping for now lol, i have a pic on my phone of the set up from my blind when my son was hunting with my and got his first jake, ill post it up
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