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1. FInd a dirt mound on the edge of a field.
2. Dig out the top like a crater and sit in it.
3. Make some turkey sounds, dont even have to sound good.
4. Put your head down and take a nap.
5. Sleep.
6. When you here a turkey cluck, slowly raise your head, ID the bird and shoot.
7. Chase bird through the woods and shoot again.
8. Return to the dirt mound to retrieve another turkey load.
9. Continue chasing the turkey down a steep hill until it you get close.
10. Use your last shot wisely.

Maybe this isn't the ideal turkey hunt but this is how my first sucessful trukey hunt went down. It was also a solo hunt, senior year of high school. I will never forget that hunt and since I have refined my turkey hunting skills and strategies but in no wise consider myself an expert.

That was a Friday morning. The following monday I set up on the edge of a field across the road from the above location where I watched a flock come out every morning. That big tom followed his flock out like he always did and I took him in a more traditional turkey hunt. (scout, pattern, set up, harvested all according to plan). I got my first two turkeys in the same weekend, hunting solo with my Great Grampas Single shot 12 guage,

Be careful out there - its addicting in a different way than deer hunting.
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