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I won't answer your post point-for-point but as it stand now, the deer farming bill will come back up again today or tomorrow. I have been told, two of the orignal signees now have dropped off. The major bump against deer farming is two-fold, one is high fence hunting which in turn promotes the importation of deer from other states, usually illegally and therefore promotes the spread of CWD.

I was at UW when Dr. E. discovered CWD. As it is with all disease, it started spontaneously, wild or otherwise. The problem being, with penned deer, it is more quickly spread and at UW, it is believed the disease came in with some elk transplanted from the pens at CO. State. Those elk were trapped in a small mountain area in CO. Whether they had it at that time is not known. All research traces it back to those elk. Obviously, any thoughts about how it started other than that are pure conjecture.

Tell me, once we have CWD in TN, just exactly what can be done to eradicate it? I know of nothing that has worked in any other state.
Certainly, the infected animals can be killed. That, however, is just a placebo as the symptoms of CWD can lay dormant for up to five years or more.

I agree, testing should be increased but not at the cost of bankrupting TWRA. The burden of payment, I believe, should rest with the hunter.

As for polotics, most things have political roots or ties. I strongly suggest if you have proof other than word of mouth of any wrong doing regarding TWRA or state agency, you promptly blow the whistle. It is the right thing to do. To allude to it on forums such as this one can get the bejeesus sued out of you unless you can back it up with hard fact. "A game warden told me this etc." is not hard fact or even slightly reliable.

Nicely has a long history of problems with TWRA. I suggest you research that history and his other ties. You might also read Sam Venable's recent article in the Knoxville newspaper.
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