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Originally Posted by tomlightfield View Post
HI Hunting: As HM said, this would take A LOT of answering on the part of one of us, and at the end yes, you would gain some insights as to how to go about installing your program, but in the end you would have a lot of varying personal opinions. My suggestion is for you to contact the village administrator of the town of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. This town lies in the heart of one of the most active deer hunting areas in the state. It is in Jefferson County which is always in the top 3 or 4 counties in the whole state for deer harvest numbers. From what I've been told, they instituted a deer reduction program in(I believe) 2010 in order to deal with a large over abundance of deer within the urban confines of the town. They are issuing special permit archery tags to interested hunters and have designated areas. This is all I know about it, and this was second hand info, so contact the village adm. and see what they have going, at least it would be a good place to start.
OK, like I said, second hand info. I just looked at Mt. Vernon's website and it says that as of Nov. 1 2011 the council called a meeting to discuss adopting a highly monitored bow hunting season within the city limits. My guess is that they probably have some outline of how they will conduct this reduction, I would contact the village adm. anyway. My guess is that they will adopt a regulated bow season for 2012, given how prevalent deer hunting is there in that area. Hope this helps.
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