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Exclamation Bow Hunting Help

Hi Ė

Next month Iíll be participating in drafting bow hunting policies for a municipality that never allowed hunting before. Since I donít hunt myself and donít know anybody who does, Iím reaching out to folks in various places. One place being the internet. I want to be able to put myself in a bow hunterís shoes and also understand what hunting policies you are up against. Hunting is very foreign to me, so it would help me if you can explain bow hunting to me in regards to:

1) How you bow hunt
2) Bow hunting strategies
3) Mentality of a bow hunter
4) Regulations/Policies you encounter that you like and dislike
5) All the equipment you use
6) The procedures for applying for a permit (describe the process, what you like and didnít like about the process)
7) What kind of policies would you draft or not draft for bow hunting

8) How many people can bow hunt safely per acre
9) Anything else I missed worth mentioning
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