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after reading some of the posts on this I really thought I had some on-line friends, kinda broke my heart some, well not really. I know Tator hates me but, RR, Delbert, come on man what's up with all the anti HM spam? Can't we all just try to get along? When you are on top you kind to have to find a way to communicate with the little people below you. I thought you'all appreciated my efforts but apparantly not, sorry, I'll try to ramp up my efforts to make the un-informed become informed and happy. I promise to try and help everyone survive the day to day issues and hunting problems, mistakes really, you are making and hopefully, allow you to sleep better at night just knowing the HM, solved all your worries and made you a better person/hunter/father/husband/daddy/brother/sister in some cases, don't want to leave out the ladies here as we are a family site I thought, but found out the hard way, from some of you, we are not. Wow, starting to feel good now knowing I can be a part of this site and help everyone, kinda like a hunting Doctor, that's it a "Hunting Doctor". My hours are unlimited, as reference by some of you, so feel free to contact the Doctor as he is always in! By the way got some sleep myself today!
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