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how many 1.5 year old deer score 200 points? farm raised? i may be ignorant on deer mass vs. age but here in oklahoma we grow good nutritious crops EVERYWHERE, food intake is no issue. i also hunt a piece of land that has very light hunting pressure, and i can promise a 1.5 year old deer will NEVER reach half that score here. i saw a half dozen 1.5's on my lease that were at worst 4 points and and very best small-medium 8 points. ive food plotted and put mineral sites up. ample water, one large pond and two creeks. ive even dug my own water holes to catch the rare rain we have gotten the last summer, designated a 30 acre "sactuary zone", why do i see less than 100 inch 1.5's and this is a 1.5 year old under more stressful and frantic for food winter conditions than where i live, get 200". And as for simple mistakes like scent, wind direction, spooking deer while scouting etc, i treat the month of April like its November im not scarying my deer off and theres plenty of deer. like i said i may be ignorant but ive supplied everything for a healthy population of deer nearly 3 years running. my biggest disagreement is the weight its self. how many nearly 300 pound 1.5's are there out in the wild? note: i do understand you said maybe 2.5+ . i just got hung up on the 1.5 age and wondered what am i doing wrong since it seems im doing everything right?

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