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BP means blackpowder and I see that you already sent Frontier Gander a message, I'm sure he will get back to you. I just looked at both of them at BassPro a couple weeks ago, they are both nice. Both CVA and Traditions guns are imported from the same gun company in Spain, I think the company name is Ardesa. T/C introduced the Impact as a way for a guy to get T/C quality at an entry level price. Like Bruce said, CVA has made big strides in the quality of their guns, as has Traditions. The 2 things I've seen between the two are the "open-close" function on the Impact is a bit awkward and it does not have a hand turn breech plug as does the Wolf, although for me that is not much of an issue, it only takes a second to take it out with the wrench. You need to go where they have them both, handle them both and see which one feels better to you for whatever reason. That's about all the help I can give you. Let us know what you think after you have made your choice.
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