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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
Thanks for all the good input. I will pray about what HE wants me to do. I will also talk to the pastor,and ask him those questions.Im not sure Ill like what I will hear. We were gone and missed about 3wks straight. When we went back the wife said something to him about us being gone.He said that he will never stop by to check on anybody or call to see whats going on,if you need anything or if he could do anything for you.But that he will miss you while your gone,but be happy and welcome you back when you do show up. I cant tell you how many times he has made statements that didnt sit well with me.And after doing my own studying and reading scripture that he wasnt wrong,but DEAD WRONG and way off the mark. He got voted in because the old people out number us and they like him because he does what they tell him to do and not to do. He more of a puppet than a pastor. He dont go to the hospital to check on members,dont call,stop by,no email, NOTHING. I will pray on this and talk to him. As you said maybe Im not supposed to leave,but help get it back on track. As GOD wills. Thanks guys for all your help.I will keep yall posted

I realize you're stuck between a rock and a hard place HB. That's a difficult place to be especially when it's involving your church or your place of worship. I would continue to pray about the situation and I would meet with your pastor one on one. Like I said before, God may be steering you to take more of a leadership role within the church to get it worked back out the right way. Then again, God may tell you plain as day, GET OUT and find another church. Remember, God will give you the strength to do whatever He wants you to do. It may seem impossible, but with God's help, anything is possible. The only reason I suggest sticking it out and praying for a bit is because if every member left the church when something went wrong or not their way, there would be no churches left. I'm not saying you're trying to "run away", I'm just saying God may have a plan for you there and He may not want you to leave. The #1 thing Christian people need to remember is that they are part of a family. The church family is important. Just the same way you would not walk out on your REAL family, you wouldn't want to walk out on your church family. That's important because during the hard times, your family needs you the most. Now, that said... if you have a family member who is into drugs or harmful activity, you're not going to support that habit and you may have to "cut them off" for awhile until they stop or get help. This may be what God is wanting you to do.

I have one question for you HB,, and this would probably be the #1 thing that would make me decide whether to leave or stay. You mentioned the older people don't want to have a youth/children's program. I'm assuming you have NO child or youth sunday-school type classes for young people? Am I correct?
My next question is this... do you have children that fall into this category? They would be attending chlidren's or youth services?
If the answer is yes, I would say God is screaming in your ear to FIND A NEW PLACE TO WORSHIP. If you're like me, (and I know you are) your kids are TOP priority in your life. They are NOT getting what they need if they are only learning from you and your wife and from regular church services. I believe kids CAN grow up with just those things and continue a Christian lifestyle, but it's much less likely than if they were brought up being part of a Sunday School class where they learn Bible stories and all about God's love. Just like a school system, when Kindergardeners come to school, we don't teach them chemistry, physics, and english literature... They have to learn the basics first. Spelling, writing, knowing numbers, adding, subtracting, etc... The church is the same why. If kids are only getting a lesson with the adults in the worship service, then they aren't getting much at all. The worship service should be geared towards people 18years old and over.
The same way we need to be a part of a church family, our kids need to be a part of a Sunday school program where they have teachers who teach them about God and how He sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins. They need to learn about Jonah and the whale, David and Goliath, Cain and Able, Moses and the 10 commandments, Noah and the ark, the Christmas Story, Jesus's death and resurection, and all the other basic factual events of the Bible. The kids program is sort of their church family. All the kids in the church create a family. Even though they aren't brothers and sisters, they are a family. My son is 3 and he's always talking about the older kids in the church, the ones who are between his age and 10 years old. They play together, and learn together and they grow in God's name together. It's a support system that God wants us to follow. This is why going to church is so important. We hold each other accountable and we help each other through tough times and good times. We're there for each other and we go through things together. It's extremely comforting to know that if I need anything I have a group of people who love me and my family tremendously and they would do anything for us. Now, I don't "use" them in this way unless I have to, the same way they don't "use" me and my family.
God wants us to fellowship together in love and to have forgiveness for each other. He wants us to treat others like we want to be treated and He wants us to love everyone, no matter their faults. Everyone on the face of this planet is different. We all come together in a church family like a puzzle. We're God's puzzle

James 1:2-8
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