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Originally Posted by jamie234561 View Post
lol ya 5 does but no doe tags but owell i just like being out there even if you dont get anything hunting is still great
Keep In mind the skills you're developing, We hunters sometimes get a little frustrated by seeing too many Doe's but the doe's offer us the chances to learn more about Whitetail Deer and their behavior.
When you're seeing Doe's often, you should use those encounters to try some things out with them like your calls (bleats, grunts even movements) that way you get to see up close and personal how they react and respond. When I see a Doe I find myself trying to move while it's right there, I practice moving when she isn't looking. It's fun, give it a try. ALSO keep in mind sometimes bucks follow them doe's so you have to be careful when you play.
Good Luck

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