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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
After 3 neck proceedures Peyton is one hit from a carear ending event..... Peyton's neck is damaged and do you take the medical risk? I say use him to train and keep him off the field.
Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
Im still calling he retires before the season starts!

True- but who's to say he doesn't come back and play another 10 years and not have one single injury every again? Seriously... He's not going to retire. I think he'd risk being paralized the rest of his life before retiring young. Look at his family,,, they are football fanatics. They live and breath football. I truely think he'll be fine, and as a matter of fact, HIS doctors DID release him to play- the COLTS are the ones dropping the ball on this saying THEIR doctors haven't cleared him. I guarantee you Peyton's doctors know 1,000% more then the Colts doctor does.

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