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A problem with us Humans is that we grow acostumed rather quickly to what is comfortable and dont like to step outside of that zone. This is especially true with churches that get so steeped up in their traditions and ways that they see any change as a threat to there comfort and palce in the "orginization." My family and I have been doing some serious self evaluations on what church is supposed to be and what does God want us to get out of fellow believers. We were both raised in traditional baptist churches, that followed traditional service styles. No where in the Bible does it give us black and white outline as to the order of a church service. The Bible does tell us to meet together with fellow belivevers to worhip Him, build each other up, strengthen our beliefs, and to always remember Chirsts redeeming sacrifice on the Cross through communion. Those are all inward focusing on the church family but the Bible dosent stop there. The Bible also tells Christians to go out into all the world and to tell everyone about Chirst. This is the outward focus of church and christians. It is much easier to step out and boldy declare Christ when you have the support of fellow friends and believers. Many people do not like this becauseit is way outside of the comfort zone of most people and it involves contreversy and is not "politically correct."

American Christianity is generally very weak. We go to church everyweek and are never tested. When someone does question us on beliefs we feel like we are being persecuted when in reality this is so miniscule. I dont know how many of you are familiar with The Voice of the Martyr but it is a tremendous orginization. I just watched a Series called Underground Reality Colombia - This is a documentary produced by Teenagers that traveled to colombia to see what Christians endure there. It made me very ashamed of how I live my Christian life. The people interviewed risk there lives everysingle day to spread the news of Jesus in an extremely hostile land. I urge all of you to check this out. I am still processing it but it has lit a fire within me to want to do more for Christ.

I may have strayed a little off topic but this is all from my heart. I dont know if we will rememeber our screen names in Heaven but I am looking forward to meeting all of you fellow Christians there if we do not have a chance on this earth.
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