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Peyton Manning's Future

Well now that all the S-Bowl hoopla is just about over, what does everybody think will happen with Peyton Manning? I guess he has just issued a statement saying that he would pretty much can his $28 million bonus and re-do a few things in order to stay with the Colts. Irsay would be nuts not to take him up on this, you can't just up and say that if you draft Andrew Luck your QB problems are solved. Luck hasn't proven a thing yet, and the jump from college to the NFL is like 10 light years. Look at how many college prodigies have fallen flat on their faces. Most of them!! Besides that, Luck has still to prove that he is even worthy of carrying Peyton's helmut around. Regardless, the Colts NEED to draft a QB anyway 'cause Peyton, even if he can play, is nearing the end of his career 'cause of age, it is time for the Colts to plan for the future of their QB situation.
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