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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Tator, seems that we have to find our way to the light one way or another. maybe in the end the path will matter? Only one knows for sure.

True.... but the Bible is very clear in stating that God wants us to be in fellowship with one another.. to hold each other accountable... and to establish and grow relationships with others in Christ's name.

Like I said, I'm not knocking what you're doing... I'm merely stating my beliefs. I believe (and was raised up) that God wants us to attend church on a regular basis. He wants us to have that family in His name. He also wants us to be part of a church because it gives us the opportunity to witness His name to others who are lost.

Now... I don't go to church 7 days a week. Typically, I only go on Sunday mornings. My family and I are extremely busy to go on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Occasionally we'll go on those evenings, but not every week. But out of 52 weeks a year, I'm in church learning and growing at least 50 of them.

James 1:2-8
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