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problem is with my church is the old people run it.They dont want to do anything and will squish anything we try to get going.All they want to do is show up and sleep and not to be bothered. A few of us tried to get a youth ministry going,they didnt like that to much it went away.We have not had a work weekend in 1.5yrs. Mens study group went south.We used to have open BBQs to get locals there to talk to them and hope to get some in church.Several familys left when they were told childerns church was to much of a problem.They hired a new pastor and thats a story in its self. He has made comments and statements that or way off. He can talk for 30min and I could not for the life of me tell you what he said,going all over the place,but not saying anything if ya know what I mean.One of the decons left a note on the windshield of a co-worker that the wife had been talking to and finely got them there.that was there first and last sunday because of what the note said.they just said this is why we never went and wont come is full of hipocrits.The note said this is MY parking space so dont park here again.very nice to say to first timers. This is just the tip of the iceburg,I could go on and on. This is why Im looking. Also how do ya feel about a gay deacon? another story

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