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hunt nh... sorry brother, I didn't even get on a computer this weekend or else I would've responded! Not sure what the post said, but from the two posts by you and hellbilly it sounds like church-finding related.
What I've come to notice is that not every church is right for everyone. Hellbilly- I would discourage you to stop searching for a church. I know this process can be long and drawn-out, but God will reward you once you find that good fit. I say "good fit" because every church is going to have it's flaws. I think too many times we get caught up trying to find that church with the perfect pastor, perfect congregation, perfect santuary, perfect music...etc. The main purpose of church is to focus our time on Jesus Christ and everything he's done for us. It's a time for worship and also a time for fellowship with other Christians. Yes, you can be a Christian and not go to church, BUT I do not believe that's what God wants. He wants you to be a part of a worship family. He wants you to have brothers and sisters in Christ. Belonging to a church is a special relationship that many people don't have.
Remember, everyone that goes to church are human beings. They are not perfect. Yes, you'll get strange looks, yes you'll feel uneasy at first, but give them a chance. Give them the opportunity to get to know you. Sometimes the new person has to be willing to bend a little in order to find that connection in a church. Don't let one or two people ruin your chance at a particular church. In my short 31 years on this earth, I have learned that not everyone acts like they look. Some people I work with I thought were going to be complete mean people, but they are the exact opposite. Sometimes your instincts are correct about people, but not always.
I also encourage you when you're looking for a church to talk to the pastor. Find out his beliefs and what he views as true Christianity. Find out the reason he became a pastor and the his goals for the church. After all, you are at the church to learn and if the pastor doesn't preach the word, then it's definately time to find another church or continue looking.

My real question is this hellbilly- and this is coming from your Christian Brother... Are you praying about your church search? and more importantly... are you trying to find a church perfect for you, or the perfect church God has planned for you?

The thing you have to remember is this... sometimes God puts us in situations (even joining a church) where we're uncomfortable because he needs us to work there. He needs our help there and maybe we've gone through something in our lives that can help others at that church. I urge you, please do not stop looking. Do not stop praying about your church search because God will steer you in the right direction, I promise!

James 1:2-8
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