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Originally Posted by fordman View Post
I am 17 and 5 9' and 160 pounds, I work out periodically and am in good shape. I have been wanting to get a bow and was looking at the diamond rock, and the diamond razor edge and was wondering if the experienced archer thinks I could handle a 60lb draw weight and the rock. I really would prefer the rock, because I think the edge is used for kids. I am a first time bow hunter and was wondering if you people out there think the 60lb draw weight is enough for me to tackle? and would I be set not to upgrade if I liked bow hunting and got either the rock or razor?
no thats not enough im 14 and can pull 45lb if u only think u can pull 60lb go to a bow store and see how easy it is or hard but by this u should be able to pull a little more than that and for sure pick a diamond rock is a good choise i have one and it never fials me like a bear i bought and it broke and hit my eye

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