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Well I know there are a lot of better muzzleloaders out there. However I picked up a CVA Bobcat some 10 years ago for $50 red tag sale. The barrel is worn, a ton of bluing wear, the cheap synthetic stock is beat up. The only thing I've added is a Mag-spark ignition after finding No. 11 caps of any quality in local stores became a problem. Would shoot under 2" groups of 3 shots at 100 with patch and ball when I got it. Still does today.
The only comment I ever get about it is how amazingly light it is. But makes since since it's just a barrel, and about 1lb of stock weight if that.

It's 100% reliable with the mag-spark, and I've thrown 250 grain powerbelts out to 200 yards with lethal results.

Here in MS, nost muzzleloaders have gone to single shot 45-70's, or 35 whelen's. I'm still packing this light little meat taker around for some strange reason. lol

It is in fact the only muzzleloader I own.
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