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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
This is probably reason enough to start looking for something new! I hate dings/dents and no one smokes in my trucks. Some say i'm a bit anal in keeping my trucks clean but I've always been that way starting in 1969 so why change now! I had the bed sprayed then put in a full rubber mat so the spray liner wouldn't get dinged up.
Man that stinks getting unknown/parking lot damage. HM, I must be anal too then because im a fanatic about keeping my vehicles as close as possible to that like new apperarance.
I get antsy through the winter months because of the snow/slush/mudd/salt and other debris my boots drag into my vehicle making my floor mats look aweful
BUT I do use an extra pair of mats on top of my original mats too and that does help some.
Also, Keeping them clean and "New like" pays off when it's time to trade in for the next new vehicle, so it does pay off to be anal sometimes.

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