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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
there however are two sides to that coin. i work very hard, and long hours, so that my wife can stay at home moma to our kids without having to worry about $$$. she is right on top of things. always tring to communicate with our childerns teachers. always makes sure the homework is done, always volunteering to help on school field trips. dose anything and everything she could do to ensure nothing but the finest education for our kids. this year my son has a teacher who refuses to do anything before the first bell rings in the morning, or after the last bell in the afternoon. my wife could not even get the teacher to spend two seconds to tell her how my sons day went and if there was anything she could do to help. my son has had little to no growth in his educational development this year, inspite of having tremendous growth last year with a different teacher. And only after we had a meeting with the principle, and he forced her to communicate, did she even start, and that was only to wright down a line or two in a jernal for us too read. but we cant do anything to get her canned because she has been teaching long enough that she cant be fired. so i think in this case the teacher should be the one taking all the heat, not the kid.
Rant over

Hunt NH... since I am a teacher, I thought I'd reply. I absolutely agree with you. Many people believe that teachers are there for the kids and not the job/money. I do HOWEVER, believe about 75% of all teachers nation-wide are here for the kids and truely want them to do the best they can. There are, though, those other 25% of teachers who are washed up and need to be let go. I am happy to say that the school I work in does not have any of those in it. HONESTLY. The district I was at previously? Now that's another story. As an educator, I am sorry for your son's experience and you need to inform the Principal of the school of your concern. Do this calmly and respectively. This will get you farther than you think. After this meeting (and make sure you schedule it, don't just barge in) I would wait 1 month and see if there are any changes. If there is not, I would then talk to the superintendent and give him/her the date and time of the meeting you held with the principal of the building and then tell him/her your concerns. If your son's district is small, this more than likely could solve the problem. If it is HUGE, then I'm afraid to say the Principal might be the only person who can help you IF he/she wants to help you.

While I absolutely agree with teacher's tenure, I believe many teachers abuse this as a safety net for not continuing doing their job the correct way. For those of you who do not know what tenure is, typically after a teacher has been in a district for 5 years (this could vary in years) the district will decide to "tenure" the teacher. It basically gives teachers protection from being just "let go" from districts. It also can mean that teachers can be in charge of committee's that talk to school boards about pay, time off, etc... If a teacher is not tenured,,, you DO NOT want to be talking to the school board about such things. Before a teacher is tenured, in the state of Missouri, they can be "let go" for anything and not told the reason. When a teacher is tenured, the school has to have good reason and excellent documentation of wrong doings by that teacher. So, it's sort of a protection plan for teachers. Typically, when a teacher gets tenured, they continue to preform at a high level because they worked hard to get where they are at. There are however, many, many, many teachers who, once tenured, they abuse this and start not-caring about their profession as much. TO me, this sounds like your son's teacher. She's probably close to retirement and so she's just doing what she has to to "get by". Which is rediculous in education.

I had a teacher in high school who did not like me as a person. I have no reason why because my mother was a teacher there and this teacher liked my mom just fine. I also have two older sibling who this teacher had and she absolutely adored them. Now, granted, I wasn't the straight A kid in high school, I was more of a B-C student and sometimes got A's. This teacher taught a subject that I struggled in and she did NOT do a good job of teaching what-so-ever. She never even asked us questions or looked up from her book. In the mornings before school, just about everyday, I'd go into her room and ask her questions about the homework that I had struggled with the night before. She would be grading papers or something like that and she would talk to me, but never look at me. Then after it took me about 2 minutes to explain my question, she'd then look up at me and say "Now ask me that again?" because she hadn't heard a thing I just said. This lady did not belong in education and still doesn't. She's still in education and get this.... she's a SUPERINTENDENT. It's a scary thing out there in the education world at times. I think I've hit a homerun because I love the district I teache in, the administrators are great people and the teachers are all wonderful to work with. I have NO problems here and everyone enjoys being here. The best thing about my job is the kids. I enjoy being around them because they enjoy being at school. The district I work in has alot of pride in it's kids and the teachers do too.

Good luck huntnh... sorry for my long reply!

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