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New bow hunter looking for first REAL bow

Ok I have for years resisted the urge to get into bow hunting mainly because i couldn't justify the extra expense when i could sling lead three months a year and put meat in the freezer. (I don't hunt horns could care less about killing bucks I eat deer no offense to trophy hunters its just not my thing) Any way Just moved to Kansas a couple years ago and can only sling lead for 2 weeks so the ole .06 get plenty rest. I need more time in the woods so I ventured into Bow hunting this year. Picked up an older Browning bow at a pawn shop for $125 went to the bow shop had it inspected (given clean bill of health) tuned in added new sights and sighted . and proceeded to Miss every thing that breathed for the next month and a half. I must say i never missed the targets on the range go figure, did you know deer DUCK... I didn't. Now to the point the older bow shoots good I don't know what to measure against as to say how good but it shoots at 220 fps and it is long. so i am looking to get a more compact bow to hunt from a ground blind for turkey, with out getting a smaller family (wife doesn't like me spending money) and as long as im buying a new bow faster cant be worse can it? I am looking at a Quest somke at Gander Moutain that boast 324 fps and is a shoot ready package for $499 and a PSE bare bone bow for $399 Stinger 3G 308 FPS. i need to be as close to $500 is I can and i need a Left Handed Bow. are either of these a good choice. Which is better? is there another Bow I could consider in making this purchase? turkey season opens April 1 and Left handed might be a backorder so i need to move quickly.
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