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Hydro Dip Coatings For Guns

So i Have been looking into this Hydro Dipping or Hydro Printing process as a coating for gun stocks and gun barrels and other misc parts... i was wondering if anyone has used this process and how durable the coating is.

there are professional companies that you can send it out to get it done for you and there are also DIY kits that you can get for around $100.00 on line... which seems like a good deal because it comes with a ton of the material and all the supplies (scuff pad etching primer and clear coat) and safety gear but the only down side to that is you are stuck with one pattern.

Thats totally fine if you want everything in your life to be Mossy Oak break up... but to get a few different parts done in different patterns it would be more practical to just get it sent out to get it professionally done.

Has anyone done this themselves or gotten their parts sent out? what are your opinions? does it hold up to the every day wear and tear?

Thinking about getting my Ruger 10/22 stock and the polymer frame on my pistol.
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