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The thing I can't get over is this.... if someone would just run with the following criteria, they are a sure thing. They have to try to please everyone. That ticks me off. Sometimes you can't please everyone (the lazy couch huggers who need to find a real job and stop loafing off others).

1. ABSOLUTELY NO illegals in this country. They have exactly one month to get out of this country. After that, they will be imprisioned for 20 years on illegal-threat activity in the USA. (I'm pretty sure many of them would leave)

2. ABSOLUTELY NO money to foreign country. Anyone ever had to tell a buddy who REALLY needed $20 to go buy something, NO? Even though you had the money!? That's what you do, SAY NO. Our money stays HOME. We give our seniors their due SS money and we also give our wounded vets $30,000 income (as long as they pass a drug test) free of charge. *And we'll still have PLENTY of money left over to balance the budget. We will also pump all our overflow money (TRUST ME THERE WILL BE PLENTY) into our most important asset.. OUR CHILDREN. Yep, Education gets a HUGE bump.

3. Balancing the budget is job #1. Once that happens, we can use that as a foundation for all the other problems.

4. NO GAY / LESBIAN marriages. If you want to be an Adam and Steve go to another country where it's legal. It's not here and it WILL not stand here.

5. NO ABORTIONS. They are illegal and any doctor found giving one is put in prison for life. NO if's and's or but's. AND if any woman gets one in the USA, she is put on trial for murder.

6. EYE for an EYE disciplinary approach. If someone murders someone else, they get the death penalty. If they sexually abuse a minor, they get the death penalty. Any other crime towards another human, you get the same thing happen to you.
If you rob someone of money and you steal $500, you have to pay them back $1,000 within 1 year of stealing it.

7. DRUG TESTS for welfare. Every week you have to piss in a cup for your money. If it's HOT, no money for you.

8. Weapons will not be taken away from Americans,,, instead, free instructional classes will be given in all counties across America to teach youngsters, men, and women how to protect their house and families.

9. OIL- we'll drill wherever and whenever we want on USA soil. NO oil more than $2.00 / gal. It's a NEW LAW! haha

Am I missing anything... this is just a start... I'll add more later!

James 1:2-8
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