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I support Santorum and will vote for him in the NY state primary. In the general election I will vote for the republican Obama must not win.

Why? Santorum is going for the heart of America. The root of the cultural decline that we are in. The other candidates - Romney, Gingrich, Paul are like taking sympton hiding medication. They want to make the economy seem better stronger but with out affecting the root of the problem. When their term/ medicine runs out the decline conitinues as is was before their slow down.

I will not let the media tell me who to vote for. I will not vote for someone in the primary based solely on "electability". I will vote for the candidate that I view as the very best to promote the country I love and the values that I support (conviction). After that - let the winning candidate (either the one I supported or another one) debate the Current President on why they should be the next President of the United States of America.
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