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I agree... and don't think that I especially like Newt... I don't! I merely think he would do the best job of getting our country back in shape. That's it. I'm not saying I'm going to plaster pics of him in my kid's rooms so they can be like him-- HECK no! His morals are very limited. But the main point is,,, I believe he can do the best for this country. I know he has his baggage and I know he's got lofty ideas sometimes, but to me, he's the most intelligent of the candidates. He's going to choose the right choice MOST times. Romney? He's going to choose the door with the most money behind it.
I do like Paul, but in my mind he's offically out of the race right now. Same with Santorum. It's probably going to be Romney and I think there is a strong chance Obama will smear him in debates.
One thing is for sure... my vote is and always will be REPUBLICAN

James 1:2-8
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