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Let me know what you decide. I don't mind either way. but I need to let the church know if it will be in the listing or not.

As far as number of hours goes, it all depends. The steel work is anywhere from less than an hour to three or four hours depending on they type and thickness of the steel and the complexity of the shape/grind. The handle is generally two to four hours for the same reasons. Any type of brass or stainless guard will add an hour or two. None of this is counting the heat treat time which can take from one to four weeks, or the epoxy cure time which is 24 hours. If I purchase a sheath that is pre-made but unfinished, it takes me about an hour to finish it not counting drying time. If I make a leather sheath from scratch, it takes me about four hours to build it not counting drying time. I can make a nice leather sheath, but I am not very fast at it. Therefore I like to buy them if I can.

So to answer your question, it takes anywhere from 3 to 14 hours of my time to build a knife from scratch. That is why the simple kit knives are so easy. There is no steel work and the handles are basic. I can have one done in a couple of hours and only invest about $30.
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